The project

In Europe, almost all citizens living in cities breath air the quality of which exceeds the WHO health limits.1
Children are much more vulnerable to the adverse health effects of air pollution than adults due to their higher minute ventilation, immature immune systems, involvement in vigorous activities, and the continuing development of their lungs. The consequences of their exposure to polluted air can lead to illness and other health burdens that last a lifetime.

This project will provide parents with information on air quality at the places where children spend time, including playgrounds, at various times of the day and the year and allow them to contribute to the collection of data.

In the end of the project, in the summer of 2020, Clean Air Action Group will issue recommendations to the Budapest city government and district governments to improve air quality in the city as well as to make targeted improvements in certain playgrounds where parent volunteers find a particularly high level of pollution.

The Project "Citizen Science to Improve Air Quality" is implemented by Clean Air Action Group (Hungary) and Bellona St. Petersburg with the support of the European Commission and the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum.